Mary Hiuhu

Mary Hiuhu is a children and youth expert working at UN-Habitat, Human Rights and
Social inclusion unit. She is actively engaged in the youth empowerment, jobs creation,
youth governance and youth friendly spaces projects. She has worked with youth-led
organizations, globally, in the Global Urban Youth Fund programme, One Stop Youth
Centre programme and most recently, the COVID-19 Youth-led response project which
actively engaged young men and women in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic in the
informal settlements of Kenya and Ecuador. She is also a co-editor of the policy brief on
Youth, Cities and COVID-19.
Mary Hiuhu
Mary is currently collaboratively carrying out a global survey on children and youth wellbeing that will lead to the development of a Wellbeing programme which will support up to 15 intermediary countries. In addition, she is an SDG Choupal Ambassador of the SDG Choupal programme that champions the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. She is a bachelor’s graduate in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Technical University of Kenya.